Course Outline

 that combines administrative programmes devoted to the academic side of the business administration building in terms of human resources,Marketing,Sales, financial management, and project management, providing support, information and data and evaluate and develop their individual skills and And individual capacity, and providing consulting and advice knowledge and innovations by studying the diploma. If you have a goal The ambition and the power to build your own business or develop your current project you need to refine and develop their administrative skills to see many new ideas in the market.

Diploma of business administration offers you comprehensive vision clear like to achieve this objective,Even if you don’t complete your details you can develop your ideas and build your confidence.


and support those ideas to modern business management basics, plus how to formulate strategies And marketing plans and discover your leadership skills to turn your ambition into reality could be implemented. As well as how to deal with the risk to be costed.

International Commercial Arbitration

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